Gazzetta: 'ADL allegations nons网上有什么赚钱钱项目ense'

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"De Laurentiis washed his hands of this at first ('I'm sorry for what happened'), then he labeled us as 'always having been Juventus fans'.

Gazzetta dello Sport have hit back against Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis, stating 'all his allegations are nonsense'.

"It was a sad and painful show. Thank goodness the great presenter Sandro Sabatini did everything possible to contain it.

The comments were made after the Partenopei lost 3-1 to Real Madrid in the last 16 of the Champions League.

"An irresponsible phrase that is likely to expose the Gazzetta correspondents 澳门外围投注to the follies of some madman.

"For our part we will not fall into yet provocation. Mimmo Malfitano has our full support.

"It is not the first time this has happened in recent years, unfortunately. It’s a sad chorus that we usually hear whenever things are not going well at home in Naples.

"The president has accused us of having been ‘always against Napoli’ and being the newspaper of the North, in particular Inter, Milan and Juventus.

The retort came after the owner claimed that the newspaper has always been

Gazzetta also referred to a rec线上足球投注ent incident whereby one of their journalists had his car destoryed, allegedly by Napoli fans.

"President De Laurentiis after六合投注网站 the game after the game at San Paolo, speaking on television to Mediaset Premium instead of reflecting on the elimination from the Champions League, has seen fit to attack journalists of the North and in particular Gazzetta dello Sport," the newspaper wrote.

"All these allegations are nonsense. In this vomit of words he mentioned the name of our colleague Mimmo Malfitano, who was the subject of a very serious act of intimidation a few days ago when an unknown person destroyed his car.

"And the awareness of being the newspaper of all Italian athletes, who try every day, painstakingly, to tell the truth in an increasingly poisoned world."